Crash and Burn!

When I was talking about the phenomenon that more than 68% of the wealthy people in China have emigrated or are going to emigrate to another countries, my Chinese friends said it was because people do not have confidence towards Chinese government. My Chinese friends asked me where would be the best place for him to emigrate to, I answered Taiwan, and he agreed. Then I said, well, maybe Taiwan is a good place to live now but not after China unifying Taiwan because Taiwan would just be like China by then. My friend said, even that would be case, he still thought Taiwan and China should unify. I thought if his sister divorced her crazy husband who constantly threatened her to stay together with force, he would never encourage his sister to re-marry her ex-husband, so why he still wanted Taiwan to unify with China even though Chinese government was constantly threatening Taiwan to unify with military force? why he still wanted Taiwan to stay with China, the country that its affluents tried to run away from? Is it the mentality that if I can not enjoy it, you can’t either?! That is so very twisted.