Client’s Cultural Background detects Design Company Culture

I had worked at the firms that most their clients were  born and raised in the US. The ways those firms conducted the business were very different from the firms that the majority of the clients were born and raised in China or South American countries. One of the significant differences is that the clients from China and South America normally were extremely pushy. They always wanted things to get done in extremely fast paced way and always set up very aggressive and unrealistic deadlines. As result, the firms I had worked at that had predominantly American born clients were not only much more organized and detail oriented but more creative and productive. 

Many Asian and South American countries have just emerged from assembly line type of industry to creative and service related industry. Long working hours and unrealistic fast pace working style directly translate to productivity for the labor intense jobs like the assembly lines in factories, but for creative or service industry, working super long hours or super fast pace doesn’t contribute to high quality performance. Even though many these Asian and South American countries are transitioning away from the labor intense type of industry, people’s mentality hasn’t caught up, so it’s not surprising for those clients who originally come from those countries to always demand things to get done in super short time frame, and for meeting the unrealistic deadlines, designers can easily work overtime constantly, fatigue and stress normally hurt creativity, productivity and directly contribute to pool quality of work caused by excessive administrative errors, design mistakes and plagiarism. So, if you find out the typical clients from your next job are originally coming from these new emerging Asian or South American countries, you might need to prepare yourself for long working hours and plenty of drama.