The Art of Politics

Finally the House passed the new healthcare bill that will replace Obamacare. I have learned the bill will hurt these groups of people the most, the elderly, the poor, people with pre-existing conditions, and women. The good news is that I am not in one of these groups. 

Looking back the 2016 election, I have learned most of elderly, the poor, and white women voted for Trump which were the exact same groups of people that will be hurt by the new “Trumpcare”, and that intrigued me. It was like the other news I had learned about a Mexican illegal immigrant was deported under Trump’s tougher immigration policies, and the deported guy’s wife actually voted for Trump, that makes me wonder how good a politician can be to make the people he or she is or will against to vote for him/her? 

Watching the disturbing footage of Venezuelan people digging in the dump and searching for food, Jewish people in Germany sent to Ghetto, I always wondered if there was any of those people actually supported the current Venezuelan president or the infamous Adolf Hitler since both leaders were elected democratically? What did they do to make the people who would suffer under their regime to support them? I am honestly still looking for answers. I am not a politician and I don’t know the politics, but here is one thing I know, if you can turn those who you are or will against to support you, no matter if it is politics, business or warfare, that is art.