Why shouldn’t you work at firms that emphasize on multitasking?

Why shouldn’t you work at the design firms that emphasized multitasking? Well, just look at what the researches had found, people normally do multitasking are making errors easily and always have below average job results. Working at the firms that always require you handle multiple things at the same time which translates to the firms have poor project scheduling and management skills, or the firms either have OCD superiors or clients who are extremely spontaneous and do not like to do things based on the set schedules.  If you have such crisis creators around you at work, expect very intense and stressful work atmosphere, under the stress and bad mood, let’s see how creative you can be? Multitasking may sound like a positive word to describe a working environment or a capable worker, unfortunately, human brains were created to focus on one thing at a time, if you really think people truly can multitask well, how come the governments around the world make “call and drive” or “text and drive” a traffic violation?!