6 Types of “Designers”

When we talked about interior designers, we usually roughly categorized them as residential, commercial, retail, corporate and healthcare designers, but in today’s interior design field, it can be categorized into 6 types of people instead of 5 types of designers.

1. Name Bearers. People were not trained to be interior designers at schools but became ones due to their famous names or celebrity statuses.

2. Copiers. People don’t have any creative ideas of their own and depend on copying other people’s design ideas to survive and thrive, and disregard intellectual property.

3. Tweakers. People can’t have any design ideas of their own without referring to other people’s designs first. Unlike Copiers who copy designs exactly the same, Tweakers copy partial designs to look similar.

4. Sales. People don’t really know a lot of interior design or had any credential about interior design, but because of their good sales skills, they can successfully market themselves as interior designers, and some even are able to own design businesses.

5. Draftsperson. People do know interior design more than average and have credentials or licensure, some of them can be creative, but since most of them don’t have the job titles or positions that really allow them making the executive design decisions, they only can draw out the design ideas coming from their superiors by hand or by computer.

6. Computer Geeks. These people technically are computer programmers, website designers or app creators. They initially hired real interior designers as consultants to gather interior design knowledge and expertise to create the computer software, websites or smart phone apps about interior design for the general consumers to use and do DIY stuff. 

As a customer/client or as an interior design company owner, what types of interior designers will you hire? and for those who are going to become interior designers, what types of education or credentials you should get? I think these questions should be seriously thought through before taking any action.