Integrity of interior design

When I took a marketing class last month, the instructor recommended us using a flash drive to save our portfolios and give to people as a marketing tool. So, I asked the instructor if I save my portfolios in the flash drive and give to people, will my designs be copied by other people much easier? and there was a designer who attended the same class said, of course someone will copy your designs, we all copied someone else’ designs, so it is just a pay-back. I was thinking, it is you, not me! so don’t put me in your category.

I have seen many designers read interior design magazines and tweaked someone else’ designs when they were designing projects, and I totally disagree that kind of design practice since I don’t think tweaking equals to designing. Designers copied someone else’ designs and made some minor adjustments for avoiding being called piracy, but for me,  it is still a crime. We designers are supposed to create, not tweak.

For maintaining the integrity of not to tweak other people’s designs, I always stayed away from interior design magazines when I designed a project. I forced myself to come up with my own design ideas without being influenced or affected by other people’s designs. By doing that, I trained myself to be more creative, in the same time, I kept my integrity as an interior designer, no tweaking, just creating.

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