Old design habit that is not “Green”

I realize some design practices in the interior design field actually fundamentally block the practices of sustainable design. For examples, to obtain LEED credits for the Materials & Resources 1.2 – Maintain Interior Non Structural Components; 3.1 – Material Reuse; 3.2 – Materials Reuse – Furniture and Furnishings for the commercial interiors, interior designers and contractors must decide to reuse building and construction materials as well as furniture and furnishings, well, many contractors and interior designers still charge certain percentage on every product they buy as a part of their profits which means the more things are reused, the less profits the designers or contractors will make.

Also, in South Florida, most of the projects are built based on one design principle – we design as it builds. Many designers don’t even have a drawing for the contractors to build, instead, many designers just design everything on site verbally or with some simple design sketches faxed to the job site for the contractors to build. To design a LEED certified building, a lot of design details need to be addressed before the construction even begins. Many strategies also need to be determined prior to construction. How can anyone design any LEED certified project by “saying” designs on site?!

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