All about Businesses

I have been receiving the newsletters from ASID regularly and always could find useful articles or blogs. However, I started to realize lately that many articles or blogs did not really tell you the things that you thought you would learn something from. For instance, I recently read about an article that tells you about how to run a successful interior design business, but at the end of article, it asks you to register the seminar in order to find out more. Then, I read another article that tells you how to advertise yourself, then it says just buy his/her book and you will find out how.

Since when ASID, a professional organization that is supposed to educate the interior designers and strengthen the profession as a community, has become a platform for some designers to make money out of other fellow designers?

Some websites also allow designers to blog and post the project photos, and people can post comments. However, many things people commented were not even related to the blogs or the project photos but just showed people’s personal website links and tried to sell other services or products.

It seems like nowadays people do anything and everything just for selling stuff and making money. Everything becomes a part of commercials and anything can turn into advertisement.

If that is the trend, I will be gladly to follow, here is what I am gonna do. One of my job responsibilities at work is to mentor junior designers, so I will put a portable POS right next to my PC on my desk, and if any junior designer comes to me and ask any question related to interior design, I will tell them to swipe their credit cards first and then tell them the answers. Thank you ASID.