Is the North Korea Crisis another can?

Throughout the history, the foreign policies of the US have not been very successful. During the World War II, the US refused to fight against Nazi and Japan at the beginning simply because the politicians were worried about mass casualties, so they decided to wait, and then one day, the US was under attack by Japan, the US had to react and joined the fight which caused even more US casualties. When you are afraid of people dying and decide to wait, there will be more people dead.

When the Chinese Nationalist Party’s leader Chiang Kai-Shek almost wiped out Chinese Communists, American government chose to intervene and stopped Chiang from doing that. When USSR was collapsing and at its weakest stage, America didn’t take it out. When N. Korea didn’t have any nuclear weapon, America decided not to act, all because America was scared of people dying. Look at these 3 countries now, if the US will fight against any of these 3 now, the casualties will be huge compared to 20 or 30 years ago. So, if the US does not take care of N. Korea while it only has 4 nuclear war heads now, when will that be?! after N. Korea can produce 40 nuclear war heads? Stop kicking the can down the road! Just go ahead and do it now!! Even adult buffalos in the wild know to kill lion cubs before they grow old. C’mon!