The culture of violence

Got up early and read 2 articles posted on CNN. First, An American student Michaela Cross encountered sexual harassment in India while she studied abroad. Second, an Australian young man Christopher Lane was shot to death by 3 bored teens in Oklahoma. While hearing people blamed Indian men and the 3 teens, many people failed to see the core of problems, one relates to sex, one relates to violence, Bingo! the powerful entertainment and gun businesses.

Spending nearly 2 decades of my life in the US, I realized more and more sex and violence appeared in the movies, on TV, video games, and in the lyrics of songs, and the materials used to be “R” rating 5 or 10 years ago now is “PG13”. Killing, shooting, chopping heads off, cutting people in pieces, topless, all nude scenes, sex scenes, girls and guys act stupid and slutty and all got rich and famous, you name it, we see them all. People are showered with sex and violence materials in daily life around the world and someone are cashing in for all these.

Powerful entertainment business and gun business always can use their money and power to make sure the law makers will never pass any law that will prevent people from obtaining firearms or rate the movies or shows filled with violent and sexual contents “R”, and the most intriguing part of American politics is that those powerful industries always can make people standing on their sides.
I remember when the congress tried to pass “Obamacare”, the insurance and pharmaceutical industries can make those people who will benefit the most from Obamacare turn their back on Obamacare, so I will not be surprised to hear someone’s loved one got killed by firearms and that very person who lost loved ones to gun violence will say “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” or to hear those whose loved ones fell victims of sex crimes saying we shouldn’t restrict the censorship because people can make their own decisions on what they can watch and what they can’t. Hey, there were more than 70% of population in the US supported invasion of Iraq even though we all know how it turned out, and do you think those 70% people will admit they were wrong today?!
I believe if America has tougher law on firearms, that Australian young man probably would have just been stabbed instead of shot which might have spared his life, and I also believe if the movie or TV program rating can be more restrict, violence against women would drastically decrease, and fewer people like Castro who abducted 3 young girls in Ohio would exist.