Choosing Interior Designers

Throughout my interior design career, I found human brains are interesting. Many people probably have heard the blind people have more acute hearing because the brains compensate what is lack of. That theory seems to make sense for the interior designers I have met.
Usually the designers who are really creative, he/she usually are not a good sales, and the designers who are social are usually good sales but not so creative in terms of design. The designers who are good at computer drafting such as 3D Studio Max are usually good at construction detailing but not so good at conceptual development.
So, when you are hiring a designer, make sure what kind of quality for a designer you are looking for. If you are looking for a designer whose major task is developing design concept, you’d better looking for someone who is very good at free-hand sketch, and an introvert. If you are looking for someone who needs to constantly communicate with the clients and give presentation in order to sell your design service, you should find an extrovert who is very social. If you are looking for a person whose tasks are generating contract document, construction detailing and engineering, computer 3D rendering, you must find someone who is very tech oriented and analytical.
Is there any designer who has all 3 characteristics and all of them are pretty much equally good? Creative(artistic, introvert), Social(extrovert, talkative), and Analytical (good at construction and engineering)? Maybe you know someone but they are very few.